Orny Adams


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Orny Adams

Orny prefers to be working rather than not. He is very organized. Even as a kid he alphabetized his Halloween candy in a shoebox.

In the 1996, or thereabouts, casting agents from Disney came to Boston to scout new comedians. Orny was chosen and flown to Los Angeles to be considered for a deal to star in his own sitcom. The deal did not go through and the flight home was one of the loneliest.

The pending Disney deal did lead to a great ammount of attention from the industry and Orny would drive most weekends from Boston to New York City to showcase for them. He rented a crash space on Sullivan Street. It was a studio converted into a two bedroom. Orny slept in a small storage space that was above the bathroom, thus creating a third room. (Submarine sleeping quarters had more space. Orny claims he got seasick at times.)

Eventually Orny moved to New York City and proudly became a working “NY Comic” and was named in the Hollywood Reporter as a favorite to watch on the scene.

He became enamored with the work of Bob Dylan after his best friend and roommate in NYC, Unity (his real name) insisted after a bad night he listen to the song “Idiot Wind.”

When producers of the film “Comedian” approached Orny about being in the film, he assumed it would be for a scene, maybe two.

“Comedian” catapulted Orny into the public spotlight, something he was ill prepared for.

Orny and Jerry Seinfeld have remained friends and mutually respectful of each other’s work. Jerry is one of Orny’s biggest champions. Despite rumors, Orny is not related to Jerry. And Jerry is not related to Orny. But they do both have relatives.

In July 2000, Orny made quite an impact at the Montreal Comedy Festival which resulted in a development deal with the Warner Brothers Studio, and his first appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Orny moved to Los Angeles for the Warner’s deal and now happily resides in Southern California. Although shy and introverted at times, Orny enjoys meeting fans after his shows.

At a young age Orny met Rock Hudson. And as Hudson was signing an autograph, Orny declared that someday he would be famous and would not sign a lot of autographs… “That way they would be worth more money.” Hudson just looked up from signing and said, “You’re going to lose all your fans.”

Orny’s first rock concert was “Starship” at the Worcester Centrum. He went with his dad. He remembers being disappointed that they opened and closed the show with “We Built This City.” He vowed to never make that mistake.

He does not eat fish. His mother still tries to “trick” him into eating it. He gets his vitamin E other ways. Orny will eat tuna from a can, but not the type of tuna you grill. And he disagrees with his mother that grilled swordfish taste like steak.

Orny likes to eat alone and if he could have dinner with anybody throughout history it would therefore be himself.

Orny does not like to have his picture taken. He is a blinker.

Orny does have a lot of trouble sleeping and often wonders how he can suck at something he does every night.

He has never dated anybody famous.

He is neither short nor tall. He is just right. He is an endomorph.

He does not have a favorite color. Orny does not like to discriminate.

Orny is a pacifist.

Orny will often pull out a pen and paper from his back right pocket and write down some note. He will do this in the middle of conversations, middle of streets, even the middle of his act.

His contract for personal appearances is not very demanding. Orny likes to have water, some chocolate, and he requests that there be a dictionary in the greenroom.

Orny’s act is 99% accurate and fact checked.

His first pet was a parakeet and he would tell you the name, but it is the password question on his bank account.